“When I took over the domaine, there was already one there. The majority of the wines I
 propose today were directly inherited from my parents. It was important to me to preserve 
everything, which existed there before me. But, at the same time, I wanted to question,
 evolve and appropriate everything so it would better fit my taste. Meaning that, over the
 years, I have re-envisaged each and everyone of our cuvées ! And I know the job is not
 done yet… because it never will be!”

Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
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After taking over the estate, Sophie made the decision to rethink her wines. Numerous
 try-outs were conducted: new blends, different dosages, ageing, corking… Nothing was left
 to chance. And then, progressively, the cuvées became reinvented. Eclat, Rosé Elégance,
 Vieilles Vignes and Sophistiquée were born anew! All of the Cuvées had then passed under Sophie’s scrutiny. The idea had been to reinvent,
 while keeping the essentials and to get the wine to give us everything it had to give… As a bonus, two new Cuvées were born: Origine, an Extra-Brut which had been missing 
from the range, and the Cuvée L’Instant, a vintaged 100% Chardonnay aged in big vats!

“If I were to use the example of the Cuvée Eclat, the first thing I did was change the dosage 
of the wine. We went from 14 g to 8 g of sugar per liter. Meanwhile, I also prolonged the 
ageing in the cellars before and after disgorging. After that, I also made the choice to add the
 disgorging liqueur directly into the barrel. And then, finally, I decided to come back to the 
traditional cork. As a result, the wine revealed more of its characteristics… it opened up… It
 gave me everything it had to offer us!”

“My deepest wish was to build a range from which everyone could find a wine that would fit 
their personal taste… I wanted to propose more simple Champagnes for easy consumption
 as well as more complex Champagnes, which would daze, and be consumed in a different

— Sophie Cossy