“My vines are the basis of it all. With my years of work, I have learned everything there is to 
know about my plots, and how to help them in the best way possible. For example, aux 
Cigardes, also known as the “Grandmother’s piece” because my father was born just next to 
it (!), it is essential to work the soil each fall and prevent the grass from naturally growing 
between the ranges! On the other hand, Les Jaurielles is perfect for having grass between
 the ranges. With time, then, I have experimented, adapted and adjusted my methods to be
 able to extract the best possible result out of my different plots of vineyards - all the while 
constantly striving towards a more environmentally engaged production.”

Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy

Today, Sophie is responsible for about 7 hectares of vineyards, which are divided into 34 
different plots. Her vineyard extends from Jouy-lès-Reims to Arcis-le-Ponsart, passing by 
Pargny-lès-Reims, Ville-Dommange, Courmas, Bouilly and Serzy-et-Prin. Following the
 valleys of Vesle and Ardre, it is part of the South domaines of Reims. 
The three main grape varieties are all present in the vineyards, with a dominance of the
 Pinot Meunier at 53%. The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay make up the rest of the estate, with
 32% and 15% respectively.
After having taken over the domaine Champagne F. Cossy, Sophie immediately made the
 decision to engage the estate in a progressive and transformative state of mind. She quickly
 put in place a series of experiments in her vineyards, in order to keep moving towards more 
and more environmentally friendly practices. Her father, before her, had already chosen to
 go down that road by, for example, ceasing the usage of pesticides. But Sophie decided to 
go further…
She explains:

“Meeting different people and sharing with them has enriched me and allowed
 me to dare the modification of our traditional methods. At a young age, I made the choice to 
engage myself in local and regional professional organisations. I had the will to contribute to
 my profession, but also to open myself up and see what other people were thinking and

Today, the soils of Sophie’s vineyards are worked in a manner that would let them breathe,
 renew themselves and, at the same time, nourish the vines and grapes in the best way
 possible. There is grass present between all the ranges of the plots of vines. If possible, the
 naturally growing of the grass is permitted, if not, a more controlled method is used. Hedges 
have been kept or planted around the vineyards, so as to favor biodiversity and balance in 
 During her years of work, sustainable viticulture and respect for her terroir have not only 
become a reality, but also a philosophy. 
To this day, she still strives to go further, to question herself, to remain open-minded, to 

There are two things that motivate me: the will to learn and the will to discover, but also, I would like to avoid having something imposed upon me - actually, I hate it! I much
 prefer to anticipate things and choose the option that suits me the most!

— Sophie Cossy