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A perfect blend between the three traditional grape varieties of Champagne, the Cuvée Eclat originates mainly from the soils of the communes of Jouy-lés-Reims and Pargny-lés-Reims. A superb Cuvée for just the pleasure of tasting, it offers a fine and constant bubble, a bouquet which binds together a lovely freshness and nice maturity, not to mention a soft attack leaving you with a gorgeous final note!

“This Cuvée was a real challenge. It’s much easier to produce a great vintage Champagne than to successfully produce a great non-vintage blend! It took me several years to obtain the result I was looking for, and, I must confess, I am quite proud that I finally found it!”

As an apéritif? Yes… But not only… (Available in demi-sec)

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Available in both the regular and the Magnum form, this rosé is above all a treat! If there could only be one word to describe this wine, it would be “fruity”… For some, red fruit (strawberries and blueberries accompanied by raspberries and cherry), red fruit with a stone (Plum!) for others, and some citrus for the last ones…

On the nose and on the palate… With the attack and on the aftertaste… As an apéritif or during the meal!!!

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“This cuvée was born from the will to reinvent: I wanted to try something with less sugar. I tried… And the wine revealed itself… It seemed natural to me to share it with my clients!”

The last addition to the selection of Champagnes proposed by the Cossy estate today, L’Origine is a harmonious Extra-Brut with a lot of character, it has kept all of the typicities of the “Champagnes de la Maison”, all the while offering something with more minerality, more sharpness… Tone, purity, freshness, complexity are all words that could be used to describe this wine…

Definitely a “must try”!

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The first vintage of this Cuvée saw daylight with the harvest of 2003, the year of the heat wave. “The maturity of our grapes was too high, thanks to the strong effect of the sun, but the result was something spectacular! And our clients immediately fell in love with it!”

Much in the same spirit as the Cuvée Eclat, this vintage links a superb body to the particularity of using old vines and a freshness giving us a superb harmony between acidity and lovely bubbles. This wine is one with an original identity, which is also very gastronomic - the potential of this Cuvée could be revisited after a few years of ageing in a wine cellar (in optimal conditions, of course!).

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This Cuvée could be referred to as the most atypical of Sophie’s selection… The sharpest, the most original, the most demanding perhaps, it is something completely different. The main reason for the originality of this wine is it’s blend, which is mostly made up of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, giving the wine its character and its minerality.

Finesse, elegance and sophistication are the characteristics that would best attribute this lovely Champagne as well as a large choice of dishes one could pair this Cuvée with!

Can be opened at any occasion…

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“Historically speaking, we have always been situated in regions with red grapes and thus, we had never thought about proposing a Blanc de Blancs. But, I wanted to dare to try. To show that our Chardonnay’s had something to say and to show us.”

Vinified in stainless steel vats and aged in oak vats, this wine offers a combination of purity, impetuosity, lightness, softness and precision. The Cuvée is proposed in limited editions selected with a fine meticulousness - it allows us to further enhance special moments to which we would like to add something exceptional…

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La robe est blonde comme les blés et animée d’une myriade de bulles extrêmement fines. L’ensemble génère un mince cordon en surface et donne un sentiment d’aboutissement.

L’expression aromatique est automnale et terrienne, et la bouche parfaitement en place. A partager lors d’un moment de sérénité, devant la cheminée par exemple.

Servir à 10°C dans une flûte bien galbée. A table, une assiette de morilles à la crème, une andouillette aux champignons, des ris de veau, un brebis corse ou un bleu de Sassenage, seront de bons partenaires.