“It has been a little more than 10 years since I took over the reins of the family’s vineyard. It
is, at the same time, an honour, a pleasure, a responsibility and, above all, a magnificent

Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy
Champagne F. Cossy

It was in 1764 that the first grapevines were introduced in the Cossy family. At that time, the 
goal was not to produce wine, but to produce grapes so as to try and help the family live the
 best life possible. 
After a particularly difficult beginning of the 20th century for the wine-growers of the
 Champagne region, influenced by the Phylloxera and the economic crises, Sophie’s 
grandparents chose, in the fifties, to try out being Champagne producers themselves. The
 goal was to make ends meet with their profession, but also to dare and strive for success in
 a new endeavor. “My grandfather was a brilliant man who loved taking on new projects. My grandmother was courageous, loved to work and was ready to follow and support him during 
this adventure. And it all paid off… My father was the second son of the family, so it should not have been his destiny to take
 over the vineyard. At first, he was set out to become an artisanal butcher ! ” But still, Francis
 was profoundly in love with his terroir, the winegrowing profession and the vineyard. After an 
inconclusive try-out in the butcher shop, he made the decision to come back to the vineyard,
 where he applied himself with great motivation, supported by his wife Geneviève.

“My dad
 was a passionate dreamer from Champagne.” Francis quickly decided to become involved in
 the professional and trade-union organizations of Champagne in order to defend the
 vineyard and the winegrowers. “My mother was responsible for the daily operation of the 
vineyard, monitoring and customers!”

It was in this context that Sophie grew up. “I have always talked a lot with my parents about
 their job and our profession. My father loved to share about his commitment, about the 
history of Champagne and about his pride in being part of this community. It was these 
stories and his passionate personality that helped to make me the person I am today.” At a
 young age, Sophie was already involved in the trade-unions and professional structures,
 doing both local and regional work. “It was natural to me. I wanted to defend, to build, to 
share, to exchange, to propose. I learned a lot. About myself, my job and our region.” 
When Francis died, Sophie was just 26 years old. She found herself, with her mother,
 Genevieve, at the head of the estate. "We had to do it, go forward, learn even faster, try, 
sometimes go wrong, try again, just build. " 
In December 2017, Geneviève made the choice to finally enjoy a well-deserved retirement!
 And Sophie found herself alone at the head of the estate…

Champagne F. Cossy

I love my job. Really. For its
 diversity, for its possibilities, for the humility it imposes on us, for the commitment it
 demands, for the freedom it offers, for its aromas, for the nature that offers us so much, for
 this extraordinary wine... I want to build. In the continuity of what has been transmitted to 
me. In a resolutely future-oriented way. Keep the essential and make it even more sublime.
 To make my contribution…

— Sophie Cossy